Survive To Thrive

Losing my sister to an undiagnosed heart defect is what inspired me to get involved with The Children’s Heart Foundation and leave my profession to become their Director of Development, but getting diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30 is what inspired me to leave them and start four of my own non-profits.

February 28, 2010 marked 5 years from the day I sat in my doctor’s office listening to words that seemed ridiculous for someone my age. Gratefully, I remain cancer free five years after surgery and treatment. I don’t like referring to myself as a survivor though, because it just doesn’t do it justice. Of course every day brings each of us closer to the end of our life, but being run over with the very real possibility of your own life ending sooner rather than later is a wake up call. To put it mildly. For me that meant I was going to find a way to do the things that truly mattered to me as soon as I could. That’s how I’ve lived my life every day for the past five years and I’ve thrived because of it. Personally, professionally, physically, spiritually – in every way that matters.

When I read about Spirit Jump’s program, Cards4Cancer, I knew immediately that I wanted to wrangle a group of girlfriends together to form a team in honor of my five year ‘cancerversary’. Our team is named “Survive To Thrive”. Cards4Cancer team leaders will deliver homemade cards to patients, big and little, at hundreds of cancer centers on or around April 10th, 2010. My team will be delivering them on April 11th to Children’s Memorial’s cancer unit.

My niece heard about this project and wanted to help out so she and her friends used her 7th birthday party on April 3rd as an excuse to make cards for our team – all in all they made 16 cards to add to what the adults will make on April 5th!

Find out more about Spirit Jump and Cards4Cancer Day:


One thought on “Survive To Thrive

  1. Meaghan says:

    This is amazing to see. Its sad that tragedy has to be the root of our inspiration but it is a wonderful way to deal with something so difficult. I was diagnosed with advanced cancer at age 28 and that is what inspired me to start Spirit Jump and Cards 4 Cancer Day. Thank you so much for helping with this project. I am so impressed by you and your niece!


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