I love to speak at conferences and workshops about the things I’m passionate about – making change and the things that make change happen!

To contact me about speaking at your conference or workshop, email me at: estrella@bteam.co

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

SOBCon, May 2011 – Social Good Day (with American Heart Association)

140 Conference New York, June 2011 – Building Community to Build Change: Peer Sourcing Mission

Kids In Need Summit, June 2011 – Advanced Social Media & Location-Based Services

European Summit for Global Change, October 2011 – Building Collaboration is Building Change: The Big Love Little Hearts/Open Action Project

Blogworld Los Angeles, November 2011 – Location-Based Marketing for NonProfits

Recent Speaking Engagements:

NTEN Non-Profit Technology Conference, March 2011 – New NonProfit? You’re Not Alone! | Up Close & Personal: Using Storytelling to Build Movements | Get On The Map! Location Based Services for NonProfits

SXSW Interactive, March 2011 – You Can Impact Charity Without Being Rich

Brands Conference, December 2010 – Humanizing the Most  Human of Brands: The NonProfit

General Motors/140 Conference Detroit Day of Giving, October 2010 – Location Based Services & Social Media Case Studies

European Summit for Global Transformation, October 2010 – Seeds of Change: What’s Personal About Mission

SocialDev Camp, September 2010 – Hackathons: Social Tech for Social Change

NetSquaredCamp, September 2010 – Location-Based Marketing for Movement Building

Sustaining Hope Symposium, July 2010 – International Collaboration for Sustainable Change

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