A Place to Grow

About 9 months ago I was leaving my house to meet a friend who was in town. Like me, she is the founder of her own non-profit. I left a facebook status update to that effect and another friend who is the Executive Director of a nonprofit made a comment that the next time I was doing a roundtable lunch I should invite her.

I was getting (and still get) emails everyday from people just like her – they had either just started a nonprofit, wanted to start a nonprofit or were the E.D. of a nonprofit and needed advice and help. I love helping people realize their own vision to make the world a better place, but it was impossible to answer everyone who asked and still run my own organizations effectively.

When my friend left that comment on my facebook status something clicked and I realized that what nonprofit Directors and Founders really needed was each other. They needed a community where they could learn from each others experience and share their own.  That night I filled out the articles of incorporation form for a non-profit that would do just that, The 4F Club.

I gathered a Board of amazing nonprofit Founders and set about talking to our intended community. We wanted them to tell us what they needed and what was missing – not the other way around. A few months into that process I met Chris Brogan at SOBCon (a conference I have spoken about many times here and can’t recommend enough!). After discussing my plans for 4F Club with him, he shared that he was developing a similar community under his new company, Human Business Works.

Both Chris and I really believe in collaboration and that’s exactly what we did. I am really proud to officially announce that I brought everything I was building at the 4F Club over to the kindred home for nonprofit Founders & Executive Directors Chris was already creating, 501 Mission Place.

I’m privileged to not only be the host at 501 Mission Place, but to get to work with very special resident contributors Marc A. Pitman, John Haydon and Rob Hatch. The four of us have created what we know will be a valuable place for you to spend your valuable time. Created specifically for the needs of nonprofit leaders, 501 MP is founded on the idea that in a room full of peers every answer, every resource and every connection already exists.

Each month we’ll bring in new content from thought leaders to veterans in the industry to people just like you (because we’re all experts in our own way) in a format that takes the realities of your busy schedule into consideration. But the real value is the community. You are the value. Your peers are the value. You have knowledge to share that I need to learn and vice versa.

I am beyond excited to share 501 Mission Place with you. Find out more here – can’t wait to see you inside!

*thanks to Veronica Ludwig, Sarah Ahmed, Patty Kerrigan and Robin Katz for your work and inspiration with 4F Club. I am honored and blessed to know such Fabulous Females!

*thanks to Chris Brogan, Rob Hatch, Marc A. Pitman, John Haydon, Liz Stewart, Patrick Iwanicki and 9seeds. You are an amazing team to work with and all of why 501MP is such a wonderful place.


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