The Power of You

Two weeks ago I came up for air from my summer sabbatical because I was so bothered I couldn’t sit still. Two of Big Love Little Hearts‘ partner organizations, ICHF and Preemptive Love, shared a story that made me so ill I did the only thing I could do in the moment: I wrote about it.

I tweet this phrase almost everyday: “Build Community. Build Change.” Not because it sounds nice, but because I know it’s true. I knew that relaying this story to my community, who would then relay it to their communities, would not just build change – it would save lives. Indeed, that’s exactly what happened.

A lot of you shared my post via twitter (most notably Chris Brogan – thank you for helping this story reach hundreds of thousands people) but the chain that led to change was actually quite short. An hour after I posted the piece Rebecca Self read it and tweeted the link to TED Fellow, Esra’a Al Shafei, and her group Mideast Youth. Esra’a published the story on and less than two weeks later a donor read it and funded a mission trip that will save 30 lives.

30 lives were saved because the Founder of ICHF shared an injustice that I then shared that someone else then shared with someone else. Individual decisions to reach out and trust our networks…to trust the communities we cultivate through our blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.

The Power of You saved 30 lives.

The beautiful thing is that you have the opportunity to impact lives every day simply by using your voice. Whether you’re a non-profit or an individual you have a network of friends, colleagues, family, supporters, etc who care about a lot of the same things you do. That’s why they’re in your community. When you’re moved they will be too.

Want to test the Power of You today? Kindred spirit and fellow believer in community Scott Stratten was moved by a little boy named Tanner. Today with a tweet, with a $1, with a moment – you can create change in someone’s life. Find out how here.

Extraordinary thanks to everyone who shared the original post, Rebecca L. Self, Esra’a Al Shafei, the amazing donor who stepped up and to Dr. Bill Novick, Founder of ICHF and my absolute hero.

YOU can change the world. YOU can start now.

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