Bigotry & Racism in Philanthropy

I’ve been on sabbatical this summer to spend time with my little boy but I read a blog the other day that I’ve been sick over. My non-profit Big Love Little Hearts helps children in developing countries with heart defects get lifesaving surgery. We collaborate with other groups to get this done and one of them, ICHF, was set to travel to Iraq in just a few weeks to work with another, Preemptive Love, to perform surgery on some 30 children.

Nothing about that sounds sickening yet, I know – it’s wonderful in fact. Except it might not happen anymore. Not because it’s not safe enough for a U.S. team to travel there, not because the right equipment couldn’t be donated or because the right doctors wouldn’t volunteer their time. Because of bigotry and racism, plain and simple.

An excerpt from the ICHF blog:

“Our team was due to go to Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. We had been contacted by a foundation several months ago telling us they had $17,000 that had been given specifically for Iraqi children to be operated on. When we contacted the donor directly we were told that the funds were only for Sunni and Shia children, not for Kurdish children – and since we were going to Kurdistan the funds were no longer available.”

Their Founder goes on to say “Bigotry and racism have no place in this world…these two together have killed millions.” I couldn’t agree more strongly as I think all of us working in the non-profit community do. Need is a human condition. It is not bound by color of skin or language or geography.

What I don’t agree with is his next sentence: “Death is coming again to Iraq and this time the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are Bigotry, Racism, Misunderstanding and Vindictiveness.” Why not? Because I know that this won’t sit well with you either. And you have fans and friends and followers and blogs and facebook pages.

I’ve never used my blog for a call to action before but today I am. Today I have to:

Donate $5 – Save Babies and Fight Bigotry (double karma points!)

Tweet this

Blog about it

Talk about it

Facebook it (did I really just use that as a verb?)

A few dollars, a few minutes…however you do it, I’d love your help standing up to the new Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Children shouldn’t die because of racism.


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