Why I Love Social Media for Non-Profits

During many of the breakout sessions at NTEN’s 10th Annual Non-Profit Technology Conference in Atlanta last week I heard a lot of people from older, more established non-profits talk about their organization’s reluctance to embrace social media. My organization, Big Love Little Hearts, has had such great success with various social media platforms that I wanted to share our greatest ones for the disbelievers and stragglers out there.

Three Reasons Big Love Little Hearts has BIG LOVE for social media….

Building Partnerships – We rely on partnerships. We have provider partners, we have referral partners. We can always use more. Since we’ve been on facebook (9 months) and twitter (3 months) we have formed more than 30 new partnerships through those two platforms with very little effort.  Beyond building them, social media has been an excellent way to strengthen and personalize existing ones. We now communicate daily with partner organizations that we used to communicate with weekly or monthly.

Efficiency – We connect children with heart defects with people who can help them. Before our entry into social media that could take days…or weeks. Recently, we were stuck finding help for a boy in Mexico. We posted a plea for help on twitter and facebook and had a surgeon and hospital to help this boy 16 minutes later. Days before we made a similar connection in 24 hours. The speed with which we can perform our mission through social media amazes me every day.

Fundraising – I don’t believe social media’s best use by non-profits is fundraising. It’s a far better communication tool, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for fundraising. Last Saturday, April 10, we ran a campaign called #100X100 across three social media platforms – twitter, facebook and foursquare – and raised $25,000 in 24 hours. That’s more than we’ve raised in an entire quarter of our 9 month history let alone a single day! No one was more surprised (or more grateful) by this than me – we got to move a dozen children off our waiting list to have their heart surgery funded. 12 lives saved in 24 hours.

These are only three examples of the myriad ways Big Love Little Hearts benefits from social media everyday. If your organization is not using social media to its fullest, get them on board today…and if your organization is rocking social media, let me know how it’s been successful for you in the comments box below!

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