What Blew Me Away at NTEN’s Non-Profit Technology Conference

I am just now caught up from the awesomeness that was NTEN’s 10th Annual Non-Profit Technology Conference, and it ended a week ago! I could write a dozen posts about everything I learned there – or everyone I met there – but a lot of my fabulous fellow attendees have already done so. I don’t like to be repetitive so I’m just going to broadcast what absolutely blew me away there. It was very hard to narrow this list down to just three, but here goes!

People. What blew me away more than anything else were the small handful of nearly 1500 nptechies in Atlanta last week that I was privileged  to meet or hear speak. It was an incredibly energizing experience to be around that many amazing people, all of whom are passionate about the amazing things they’re doing. Here’s what I noticed about everyone I met there: they were soulful, intelligent, committed, passionate, honest, humble, collaborative and giving. Mutual admiration abounded. Partnerships were created. Lifetime friendships were forged. The non-profit tech community made this conference for me.

OpenAction. If you’ve met me, if you’ve read my blog, if you read my tweets…you know Development Mapping is something I care about. A lot. In the middle of Debra Askinese and Bonnie Koenig’s great Affinity Group on International Collaboration, Mike Wenger, co-founder of OpenAction.org started speaking about their project. After the session was over I walked over to Mike so he could demo OpenAction for me. I’m not sure how far in he was when enough light bulbs had gone off in my head for me to stop him mid-sentence and ask if I could hug him, but I don’t think it took very long! I created a Group for Big Love Little Hearts the next day and a Project within five minutes. This platform, in my opinion, is the future and hope of Development Mapping. That the founders (John Brennan is the other co-founder) are two of the coolest people I’ve ever met is secondary to the brilliance these two have created. Check out what they’re doing – and if you’re doing work in the developing world, sign up – here:

Clip Call. See3 and Charity Dynamics gave an excellent session on Innovations in Social Media. One of the things they demo’d was an incredibly useful – and just plain cool – tool that non-profits can incorporate into advocacy, fundraising, or other action-oriented endeavors. I can’t even begin to explain this so instead I’ll just direct you to the page the demo is archived on. Follow the instructions. Be amazed. Contact See3 to find out how your organization might use something like this (I have a meeting with them when I return from D.C. next week).

These were just my personal favorites, but there was an incredible amount of incredible information presented! Luckily for you (and me!) the #10NTC community did a fine job of tweeting, blogging and cataloging it. Browse the tweets in Twapper Keeper or view the session slides on SlideShare:


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