#100X100 happens on Saturday, April 10th, 2010!

1 in 100 children are born with a heart defect.

April 10th is the 100th day of the year.

#100X100 is the name of the game!

So what’s the game? #100X100 is a grassroots volunteer initiative – experiment, really – using social media for an advocacy and awareness campaign.

In the last few hours of April 9th an army of volunteers will “add a tip” to the most popular locations in their city on foursquare that say:

“1 in 100 children are born w/ a heart defect. Pulse-Ox Screening saves lives! You can too – check in w/ the hashtag: #100X100”

As the most recent “tip” it will be what anyone who uses foursquare sees when they check into these locations via their smartphone on  April 10th.

In the immediate we’re raising awareness just by informing someone new of how often Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) occur. But that’s just the beginning…

Most people who use foursquare sync their check-ins with twitter and/or facebook. When they check in with the hashtag #100X100 everyone who follows them will see it. If they click on it they’ll find our page (@100X100CHD on twitter, #100X100 on facebook) which will lead them here…

…where we hope they’ll read more about Congenital Heart DefectsCHD Lobby Day, and how they can save lives by taking a few moments to support the Congenital Heart Futures Act and the nomination of screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease using pulse oximetry to be added to the national newborn screening panel.

How can they do that? How can YOU do that?  Give us 10 minutes of your time. 5 minutes to check out each issue on their respective page to the right and 5 minutes to tell your Congressman and ACHDNC (Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children) why you think the 1 in 100 children born with America’s #1 birth defect deserve their support.

What else can you do?  Be part of the experiment. If you’re a foursquare loving tweep and want to be part of our tip-adding army of volunteers email us at: erosenberg@oneinonehundred.org

OR and also:

use #100X100 anytime you check into foursquare on April 10th

use #100X100 at the end of your tweets on twitter on April 10th

tag #100X100 in your status updates on facebook on April 10th

Will it work? Let’s find out…#100X100 – April 10, 2010. 1 in 100 on the 100th day of the year.


#100X100 is co-sponsored by Big Love Little Hearts and One In One Hundred.

Have no idea what the heck we’re talking about when we mention “foursquare”?

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